Lakme fashion week in India

ImageWho thought that Indian fashion is all about sari and maxi voile dresses is definitively wrong. After read some reviews about this special event that took place at Mumbai, India, I figured out that Indian fashion is beyond the Orient and can reach us in the Occident with their rich,color-full thus sometimes  collections with very interesting pieces. You will notice a lot of embroiders dresses, of course voile’s and organza’s textiles mixed all together in a very special and elegant way. Some designers like Anita Dongre reflect a retro mood of the 50s with  pencil dresses, shirt waisters, midis with lavish embroidery and had the negative/positive saris with sequin borders. On the other hand you have Arpan Vohra which were inspired by the hourglass in his collection with seductive, sexy, silhouettes with an emphasis on the waistline(corset) and color blocking was cleverly used. Summarizing you will be embraced by beautiful and fascinating items besides the traditional sari and will discover a new world of fashion that certainly it will be welcome here in the Occident! Enjoy some collections that I’ve chosen for you!

Archana Kochhar



Arpan Vohra


Anita DongreImage

Image Abhishek Dutta   

          Anita Dongre                                                      Bibhu Mohapatra


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4 responses to “Lakme fashion week in India”

  1. Rosalyn Marie says :

    I have always liked the way they wore such beautiful jewelry and how lovely they were in their saris. Now these are looks I can wear and have that same loveliness they so vey much carry, without looking as though I am in costume. THANKS!

  2. SuSu Detroit says :

    WOW! Stylish ,approachable,wearable,beautiful!

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