Chanel for Spring 2012


Classic, chic, elegant these are some of many adjectives that describes utmost this brand from decades and still most of us admire their collections, better than that desire if can buy one single piece! Personally I am passionate for their classic style thus very tailored design which adds value to every woman. I created this set with pastel color for Spring mixed with Noir their registered mark color. Although I put on it Chanel no 5 parfum, mine is Coco madmoiselle with its floral sent. Pearls,I do belive they are very appropriate with the season, it’s light full, elegant and match the Chanel spirit! Ooh I almost forgot about their bags, this one in the set is a vintage style, like 20/5 years ago. Most of their collection have something in common its matelasse pattern another Chanel  trade mark.

Chanel for Spring 2012

Here you have some pics of the Runaway Spring collection 2012, I particularly didn’t like the geometric lines in place of fine black ribbon but there are interesting pieces with pearls instead of buttons,also ankle boots that are like spacial astronauts. Lagerfeld did an innovation in his collection, take a look, and enjoy!


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