What a beautiful vibrant palette!

It’s not about one singular color It’s about a range of strong colors

Today we’ll talk about colors as I did before an introduction about this matter. If you thought that wearing neutrals colors like brown,gray,olive-green etc.. is IN you’re totally OUT my dear! We saw this season that wearing bubblegum pink, red and turquoise became very trendy. Designers from all the corners of the globe work to a similar vibrant palette. Pink has named color of the year, you can see it in some looks that I’ve made here for you.

A little about this color route… The shift to wearing colors we saw at Jill Sander spring collections last year and others designers embraced that also. Personally I like color because it can  change the way light hits your face for example and amplify the impact of make up and hair color!

Gucci had shown an example in his A/W collection,one look comprised a lilac blouse that’s a perfect mismatch of colors, with purple cardigan and brick-red skirt.

Enjoy it!



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